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September 18, 2011

Comets blow up the Dynamite‏

First off, let me confess that I may love softball season more than my daughter (okay Grace, I know I do). The Comets, a U-12 recreational softball team in Fauquier County, is led by Coach Jon, an amazing father and role model who volunteers hours and hours of his time each week in order to teach our girls the sport and sportsmanship. He also writes the best post game emails ever. Below, please enjoy his recap of our second game along with a few of my pics (click for larger view).

Hello Comet Nation,

Today’s game was complete domination…with a few hiccups defensively in the first inning. Final score 23 to 6.

On offense, we scored 6 runs in the first, 6 runs in the third and 6 runs in the fourth inning, each time resulting in the mercy rule to end the inning. And, the second inning, we scored 5 runs. In two games we have scored 37 runs in 8 innings. Sam, Carleigh, Lauren, and Bailey scored every time they batted, resulting in 16 runs.

And Megan scored 3 out of 4 times up. Great job girls.

Pitching: Lauren pitched 3 innings, recording 5 strikeouts and Megan followed up with a scoreless 4th and final inning. If we keep pitching at this level, we will be untouchable.

Defense: We gave up 6 runs and I truly mean, we GAVE them 6 runs. All their runs were a result of our inability to throw and catch the ball, primarily in the first inning. We gave up 4 runs in the first inning and that is totally unacceptable. So guess what we will be doing on Wednesday… Ground ball drills and throwing drills. And if we still look sloppy, we will do more drills on Friday and scrap our scrimmage.

We will also work on our base running…coming off the base after the pitch and we will do our tag up – sliding drill. We were very lucky today, the umpire could have called us out on at least 3 plays for not sliding. And when we did slide, let’s just say we looked, on second thought, let’s not say. We will work on sliding correctly and more importantly, safely.

And finally, I want to congratulate Carleigh, our Catcher. The position of Catcher is the hardest position on the field, besides the Pitcher. You have to be mentally tough to play both these positions and Carleigh showed today through her play, she doesn’t give up.

She finished off the Dynamite in the final inning, sending us home 23 to 6 winners.

I hope everybody had fun today, I sure did, as I am still smiling and driving Shelley crazy going over every play of the game. I will see everybody at practice on Wednesday.

Coach Jon.

For all of the pictures of the games, please visit my Facebook page (and “Like” it pretty please).

Go Comets!!